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Money for Old Rope?

Design is everywhere, it’s all around us in many forms and it can also influence our thinking, opinion, emotions and even our behaviour. Design most likely helped you decide upon which mobile phone you ended up with or what led you to buy the car you drive, its importance is often an overlooked area when it comes to assessing the needs of a business. Without good design we wouldn’t have such iconic products such as the WW2 Spitfire, the latest iPod, or all the clever though underrated packaging that our food comes in. Everything that’s been successful had a good designer at the outset. Briefing a designer takes about an hour or two from your working life and from then on, if you like their work and personality, you can form a good working relationship that can last for years. They could save you untold amounts of time, money and stress too. Having a creative mind involved at the birth of a business, during a time of change or restructure will truly bring lasting image and integrity to your product or service, it will portray a professionalism, positive attitude and stir some emotion with your audience. When you appoint a good designer, you learn to trust them with your business plans and marketing ideas as you would an accountant or book-keeper with your financial details. They can invariably give you input where you were not expecting it, suggest alternative ideas and help with the choosing of trusted product suppliers – another time-consuming exercise. I spent several years leading an in-house design team for a large corporate organisation, developing the individual designer’s natural abilities, instincts and growing new skill sets. Whilst there, I also discovered that some people regarded us designers with a kind of appreciative awe, which could be quite invigorating, but others saw us as unnecessary, costly employees and only came to see us if their boss wanted something “knocked up in Powerpoint”. This latter type of individual was always a hard nut to crack but was soon won over when we exceeded their brief or delivered a stunning piece of work that others around the business could see, interact with and comment on. Take exhibition for example, having a colourful display behind you is one thing but imagine if you could draw a crowd by engaging them on another level. With well engineered creative input and industry-wide knowledge applied at the start it can turn an ordinary stand into a memorable “experience” for the visitor. It can touch them emotionally, make them see something new, feel enlightened and even have some fun, therefore strengthening your brand. Vivid Pixel can consult with you on all aspects of planning and design from the very outset (preferably before you even book your event for best footfall), help you with marketing ideas and communication prior to the event and, of course, help you decide upon the most prudent use of your budget for the best possible outcome. We are a multi-disciplinary creative company which is driven by helping businesses realise the advantages to be had from good design application coupled with a desire to become a part of your business, understanding what your goals are before delivering the solution. We have over 20 years experience in building bespoke projects on many levels and in many mediums. Please contact Leigh Smith on 01622 727539 or visit: www.vividpixel.co.uk for more info on what we do

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