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Starting Out in Business the 10 fundamentals you should know!

A few years ago information for people starting a business was pretty thin on the ground. People used to talk to the bank manager, their mates down the pub and maybe their families to get information. Now it seems we are at the other extreme, we almost have information over load. I just Googled “starting [...]

An invaluable course for new businesses

I have teamed up with Maidstone based Marketing and Communications expert David Caulfield of Caulfield Communications to produce a two day course designed to help new businesses to be successful. It’s called ‘Getting Started’. Sadly, too many new businesses fail. This is due to a lack of appreciation of the importance of forward planning and an [...]

Eleven secrets of a successful business

There are more than eleven things that you need to do if you want to be a success but the items listed below will go a long way to giving you an organized successful business that doesn’t rule your life. The list is here: 1. Decide why you are in business 2. Get organized 3. [...]

Keep an eye on the cash!

The saying Turnover is vanity, Profit is Reality and cash is king is as true now as it has ever been. Believe it or not you can run a loss making business for years as long as you have positive cash flow but a profitable business will fail very quickly if it runs out of cash. [...]

Money for Old Rope?

Design is everywhere, it’s all around us in many forms and it can also influence our thinking, opinion, emotions and even our behaviour. Design most likely helped you decide upon which mobile phone you ended up with or what led you to buy the car you drive, its importance is often an overlooked area when [...]

Tax Update for Kent Businesses

Here is our latest tax update. Visit www.accsysltd.co.uk for more information. HMRC announces programme of Business Records Checks As if Business wasn’t hard enough with the VAT increase, increased fuel cost and the general age of austerity HMRC has announced it is planning a programme of Business Records Checks in 2011 that will review both the [...]

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