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An invaluable course for new businesses

I have teamed up with Maidstone based Marketing and Communications expert David Caulfield of Caulfield Communications to produce a two day course designed to help new businesses to be successful.

It’s called ‘Getting Started’.

Sadly, too many new businesses fail. This is due to a lack of appreciation of the importance of forward planning and an appreciation of the pitfalls that present themselves at critical moments. Our two day course will be tailored to each new client, giving them a clear guide to essential actions in order to establish a successful business.

The course covers everything from establishing a sales and marketing campaign to financial planning and setting up accounts. We have many years of successful business experience and understand the challenges that arise, particularly during the launch of a new venture.

If I were investing capital in a new venture I would want to make sure that it worked as well as possible in helping me build the business and that I was not risking losing it due to lack of knowledge. Our course provides that knowledge.

It’s a two day course ensuring that the client understands what actions they need to take to promote their business and to bring in turnover at a profitable level as well as all aspects of the accounts side and solid business advice so they can organise their business efficiently.

We will also cover practical business advice so they can organise their business efficiently. Above all, we want to make sure that they start their business the right way and avoid the mistakes made by others. At the end of the course we will present our clients with a business plan which is developed during the two day course – an invaluable document for someone starting a new venture.’

The cost of the course is £1000 + VAT. This includes a three month telephone backup service for further security and peace of mind.

Give me a call to find out more on 01622 671 835 or Visit www.accsysltd.co.uk for more details.

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